How to Write an extraordinary About Me Page (plus examples)

Why is an About Me page important, you ask?

Imagine yourself sitting with your laptop and a cup of tea (or coffee). You’re flipping through your feed and you come across an interesting Blog Post.

You click on it.
You read it.
And you love it!

What’s the next step? You subscribe!

But wait… How do you know if this blog is going to be worth your time?

You need details. And fast.

So where do you go? The About Me page of course!

The About Me page is the most popular page after all your Blog Posts. That’s because, your readers want to know the face behind the mask. It helps them get to know you. The real you.

And this is what makes them decide if they want to stick to your blog or bid you a speedy farewell.

So what makes a good About Me Page?

A good About Me page

  • Makes your readers fall in love with you.
  • Attracts brands, collaborators and potential clients.
  • Builds a strong connection with your readers.
  • Helps your readers understand what sets you apart from the crowd.

Now that we’ve covered why you need a good About Me Page, let’s get down to business – Crafting an extraordinary About Me page.

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1. An Introduction that will stick.

Write a short, apt description of yourself and your Blog in nothing longer than a couple of lines. Tell your readers who you are, what you do and what your blog is going to offer them. Your readers want to know what is in it for them.

By revealing the intentions of your Blog, you are helping them understand the basic message of your Blog.

It builds trust.

It builds a relationship.

And this helps your readers decide if they want to stick around for more.

In this example, you’ll notice that Erika (from Olyvia) manages to convey the essence of her Blog in just a few short sentences.
Erika's About Page
The main goal of your About Page is to allow your readers to NEVER forget who you are and what you do!

2. The “WHY” behind your Blog.

Now that your readers know who you are and what you do, they want to know the why.

What inspired you to create your Blog? What prompted you to get into this field of services? What are you passionate about? How does this passion weave into your work?

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It is important for your readers to understand this.

For example, you go to a Doctor. Your Doctor directly starts prescribing medication. Are you comfortable taking these without an explanation? Sure, he’s a Doctor. He knows what he’s doing.

But why? Why is he writing down this huge list of tablets?

An explanation always helps you build trust. Building trust is what you need to aim for.

Do. Not. Forget. The. Why.

In this little screenshot, Elan (from Elan Blog Studio) tells us why she is sharing her Design Tips and Tricks.

Elan's About Page

By understanding that she is sharing these tips because she wants to make it easy for people to learn Design, you feel connected to her. It establishes a relationship.

3. Sprinkle Photos/Illustrations.

All text and no pictures put Jack the reader to sleep.

All text and no pictures put Jack the reader to Sleep. Click To Tweet

That sentence is pretty self-explanatory. Show the world what you look like. This helps them know that you are in fact a real person and not just a creepy stalker behind a cute little blog.

For example, Marianna (The Collective Mill) showcases these little photos of her past along with her story and it’s absolutely adorable. It helps her readers understand where she comes from and why she started a blog.

Marianna's About Page

If you’re uncomfortable using Photos, you can always use Illustrations. When I was creating my client’s website,  Jessenia (from I Am Adopted) said she didn’t want to use photos, so I created custom Illustrations for her as you can see below:
Jessenia's About Page

Note: If you like what you see and would like a couple of Illustrations for yourself, just send me a Design Inquiry.  If you would like to see more illustrations I’ve done,  just visit my Portfolio.

4. Elaborate on your services.

Now that your readers have a brief idea on who you are and what your Blog is about, market your services. Remember to keep this section updated. As your Blog evolves, your services may change as well. Make sure that you update it every 6 months, just to keep it fresh.

I’ve been blogging for a whole year and I’ve finally narrowed down my niche. My About Me page underwent extensive modifications this whole year and I bet I’m still not done. *wink*

In this example here, you can see how Megan (from Megan Martin) highlights the features of her Blog.
Megan's About Page

5. A couple of tidbits about you.

Now that you’re done with the serious stuff, it’s time to throw in some fancy quirks about you. Let your readers know more about you – your hobbies, your likes, your dislikes, your reason for inspiration. Let your personality shine through with this section.

For Example, Zie Darling (from Zie Darling) includes a couple of points that flaunts her fun personality.

Zie Darling's About Page

6. A Call To Action.

After your readers are done reading your About Page, you need to give them something to do. A Call To Action does just that! End your About Me page with a bang by making them stick around for more! You can do this in tons of ways by

  • Keeping a Subscribe Box
  • Including a few of your most popular Blog Posts
  • Mentioning a FREE course that you’ve created

You can include this Call To Action even on your Home Page and Sidebar. This is one of the best way to rope in your readers.

For example, Allison (from Wonderlass) includes a sweet little Call To Action at the bottom of her About Page offering women a chance to join her extremely fun and supportive Facebook Group that is dedicated to helping Bloggers and Entrepreneurs grow their Business.

Allison's About Page

And that comes to the end of another Tutorial on how to create an extraordinary About Me page. You can read my About page right here! How have you written your About Page? I’d love to know! Share your views in the comments below.


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    Rhonda Swan

    This is great! Thanks for sharing your insights. A great about me page is really important. People do need to learn to trust you. I like to put video on my about me page, so that people can see a better representation of me. Keep up the great work and live unstoppable!

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      Angela Mary

      Hello Rhonda,
      I’m so glad this post was informational to you. Yes, you’re absolutely right. Your About Page is the first page people visit when they want to get to know you. A video on your About Page? What a great idea! Definitely going to implement this in the future. Thank you so much! Wishing you a very Happy New Year! May this year bring you a lot of success and happiness!
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      Hello Francesca!
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