How I Use My Ban.Do Agenda For Blogging & Business

After writing 35 things you can do in your blank notebook and 12 things you can write in your notebook (if you’re a blogger), I have received a bulk load of emails asking me about which notebooks I am currently using and how exactly am I using it for blogging. And rising from these emails, a new idea for a blog post has stemmed!

Therefore, in this post, I will be talking about 3 things.

  1. The notebooks that I am currently using. *whispers “Ban.Do”*
  2. The purpose behind using each notebook.
  3. A detailed Tutorial regarding how you can use your Ban.Do Agenda for blogging and keep a record of your client work. (This includes photos)

Disclosure: This post does include affiliate links, but I’m only going to be linking products that I love and have used to make my blogging experience a pleasurable one which means that, at no extra cost to you, I may earn a small commission if you decide to purchase any of the linked items.

Okay, right now, I am using 3 notebooks.

Whaaaaaat. Why 3, Angela? 

I’m glad you asked, you lovely person, you. Let me answer your question with a photo and a List.

I use 3 separate notebooks for:

My Three Notebooks

1. Recording my day-day events (yes, it’s a diary)

I use my Moleskine The Simpsons Limited Edition Notebook for journaling my day to day deeds. This is the notebook you see on the left.

Yes, it’s a Dear Diary Notebook, if you’re wondering. No, I never write secrets except for my passwords and credit card pins because frankly, I don’t have any. I just write about my day, what I did, and how I spent it. Sometimes I write down songs (that I am currently listening to on the radio and want to listen to later) and record a list of disney figurines items that I want to buy in the future (a wishlist) so as to speak.

The pages are soft and very comfortable to write in. You can let your thoughts flow freely when you have such soft, smooth paper and a really neat pen.

2. Taking down client notes a.k.a. Rough Notebook

I use my Ban.Do Whatcha Thinkin’ Bout? (Mega Blooms) Journal (on the right) for maintaining my client notes. I create illustrations and websites. So when I conduct my initial client meeting, I may need to take down a couple of notes. This helps me create a brand that is in line with my client’s tastes.

This book is ruled and the pages are crisp and white. This notebook is simple and clean and perfect for writing down important points so you don’t forget anything.

And finally… drum roll, please.

3. Maintaining my Blog and Business

I use my Ban.Do Lady of Leisure 2016-2017 Classic 17 Month Agenda (the one in the middle) for all my Blogging and Client work.

How do I use my Ban.Do Agenda?

Ban.Do Front Page

There are of course plenty of Planners and Agendas capable of fulfilling these requirements, but for the year 2016-2017, I am giving Ban.Do a shot. And here’s a complete tutorial on how you can use your Ban.Do Agenda for Blogging & Business.

Ban.Do Sticker Page

Although the Ban.Do Agenda does come with 2 pages of stickers, I do not use them in this particular Agenda because they distract me from my work. So if you love stickers, you can purchase the Agenda Starter Pack (which includes a cute pouch, paper clips, stickers, pen, and lots more).

Ban.Do Year Glance

As you can see above, it comes with the years 2017 and 2018 at a glance. This is really helpful because I don’t need an extra calendar, I can just flip the pages to refer it.

Ban.Do Holiday Page

It also comes with all the National Holidays in America. I do require this because I am based in India and I need to create Illustrations and Clipart that are US themed, since all my clients reside in the USA. For example, I created a Kitty Overload Clipart 2 days before International Cat Day. Sadly, we don’t celebrate International Cat Day in India. I was able to do this, because my little Planner informed me in advance. *strokes it with love*

Now, this is the Monthly View. I write down one main activity that I have completed on this page. Basically, it doesn’t make me feel like I have wasted time, because I have accomplished at least one major goal during the day.

Ban.Do Stats page

This is the how I keep track of my main stats. Over 90% of my page views come from Pinterest so I like to maintain my Pinterest Stats and Blog Subscribers. I also keep track of my weight, because otherwise I’d have to add a fourth notebook and ain’t nobody got time for that.

Now comes the best bit, that I keep open all the time – the Weekly View.

Ban.Do Daily View

I write down my tasks for the day, be it an important meeting, or an illustration for my blog or client, or a blog post I need to finish. I use Faber Castell Textliner Highlighter Pens to outline each type of task. Not only are the colors really pretty, they do not bleed into the page. This is definitely a quality you need to check when you’re buying textliners.

  • Pink – Client Work
  • Yellow – Blog Work
  • Purple – Social Media
  • Blue – Etsy Shop Work

Since I launched my business less than 3 weeks ago, I am currently focusing on a lot of client work. So you may see a lot of pink.

Notes Page
Now, at the end of the book, you’ll find a couple of blank pages for extra notes. This is where I maintain my ideas for Blog Posts. I like to write it down as a list and sort them by category so I can read through and write about one that I’m in the mood for.
Ban.Do Pocket
This planner also contains a little pocket at the end where you can store extra papers and notes. I haven’t used it for anything yet because I don’t like my notebooks getting too chunky.

And that brings us to the end of my Ban.Do Agenda Flip. So, you now know how I use my Ban.Do Agenda. If you do not own a Ban.Do Agenda and really, really want one, get one right here! Since we are approaching December, you could write a letter to Santa to get you one. He has never disappointed me.

Which planner/agenda do you use to keep track of your Blog and Business? As a die-hard lover of notebooks, I’m urging you to disclose this to me. *nudge nudge*










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