What can I do for you, my lady?


Avatar ($85)

Need a custom avatar to spice up your Blog or Social Media instead of a regular ol’ photo? I can make you one!


Illustrated Logo ($105)

Get a completely illustrated logo to create a unique Brand Identity and stand out professionally from the norm.


Pet/Animal Illustration ($45)

Want a sweet customized pet portrait of your beloved pooch or kitty? Let me draw your best bud for you.


Business Card + Avatar ($115)

Put a face to your Business by getting a custom-made professional Business Card for yourself! You also get a FREE avatar (in a separate file) to use wherever you please!


Twin Business Card + 2 Avatars ($165)

Want a twin Business Card for you and your partner? Get this neat customized double-sided Business Card so that you and your partner can pass them around!

Custom Illustration ($85 + $10 for each additional character)

Require a custom illustration for your Blog or Print Media? Just pass me a description and you’ll have your very own custom illustration!


Custom Couple Portrait ($85)

Get this adorable customized couple portrait of you and your partner for a steal! Completely customizable size and text.


Custom Couple Greeting Card/Save The Date ($100)

Need an illustrated Greeting Card of Save The Date Card? Right this way hon!


Custom Illustrated Greeting Card ($85 outside + $15 inside pattern and text)

A beautiful card for a loved one (drawn with your heavenly description). This card comes with a pattern inside as well as personalized text by you for your special someone.


Custom Illustrated Family Portrait ($85 for 2 + $15 for each additional member)

Get this warm and loving family portrait for you to hang in your corridor. Satisfaction guaranteed!


Custom ebook/book cover design ($125)

Need an illustrated book cover? Just write me an email and we’ll work together to make your book look fabulous! Because we know, that people always judge the book by the cover.

Custom Comic Strip ($140)

Want to tell a funny tale through a comic strip? Just email me the story and we’ll be on our way!


Custom Illustrated Banner for Social Media & Blog ($125)

Want a custom illustrated banner for your Blog or Social Media? This banner is sure to add that pop you’re looking for to brighten your page!

Custom Portrait in my Comic Style ($30)

Want to know what you’d look like in the world of Stray Curls Comics? Just send 2-3 photos of yourself and you’ll be on your way!

Need something that’s not on the list?

Hey, no problem! Just send me a message by clicking the button below and I will reply with a quote on your custom order!



Are you interested in working with me? If you want to have a feel of my work, take a peek at my Portfolio right here. If you have anything in mind, you can send a Design Inquiry here.