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I remember the day I started my Blog. I wrote a post about my trip to a Vineyard. The next day I wrote a post about what to do with a blank notebook. And the day after that I wrote a Recipe Post. Do you see a pattern?

Well, of course not. Because I was all over the place.

I shamelessly promoted my posts and became cranky when I realized nobody stuck around. So what was I doing wrong?

Well for one, I didn’t have a niche.

I felt like my Blog had to be all about me. So, I wrote all about myself. And guess what?

Nobody wanted to read all about me.

But why?

People who came to read my Recipe post, eagerly searched around for more recipes and found none. They got disappointed and left. People who came to read about notebooks and creativity, peeked about and found unrelated posts, so they left.

In short, by trying to cater to everyone, I actually catered to no one.

Which is why, sweetheart… you very much need a niche.

Down to the important question. How does writing within a Niche benefit you?

1. You become a guru in a particular topic.

Once you start writing posts relating to a particular niche, people realize you have a lot of knowledge related to the subject. And if this is the subject that they are interested in knowing more about, they sign up. By focusing on solely one niche, they become your pack. And you, their Alpha.

By focusing on solely one niche, they become your pack. And you, their Alpha. Click To Tweet

To prove my point, I want you to consider your five favorite blogs you love and enjoy reading. What do you know them for?

For example, consider Jamie from Spruce Rd. She blogs about Branding and Design. She is a Brand Designer herself so writing about it, makes her an expert in her field. Not only does she have a huge fan following but this helps her score clients as well.

2. Your email list knows what to expect – resulting in better open rates.

When you stick to a niche, you are writing for your ideal audience. Your audience knows what to expect from you and they are going to look forward to your emails. Having a good open rate is very important, because this shows that people are actually reading what you write.

3. Better open rates results in earning money quickly.

If you do not have a mailing list or want one that’s amazing, you absolutely have to try ConvertKit. It’s a little expensive compared to Mailchimp. But I didn’t blink because my subscribers doubled from 2000 to 4000 in less than a month thanks to ConvertKit.

Once you’ve established yourself as an expert in a particular niche, people will trust you. And when people trust you, they aren’t afraid to learn from you or invest in your services and products in order to climb the ladder to success.

Now, don’t panic. You don’t have to stick to primarily one topic.

Take Lin from Mindful Pixels for example. She blogs about Branding and Design as well as mindfulness and organization.

When you decide on the niche you want to talk about, stick to it.

For that matter, I don’t blog about just one topic either. I have a vast knowledge on Art, Design and Blogging. So, I blog about it.

Now that we’re clear about why you need a niche, let’s move on to how you’re going to find it.

Okay, now that you’ve grabbed your worksheets, let’s move on.

1. What are you passionate about?

If you already have a blog and still haven’t narrowed down your niche – it’s okay. Better late than never. You don’t have to take down those posts. Not right away, at least. Sometimes, we need to time to figure out what exactly we are passionate about.

Answer this first question from your heart. Don’t hold any boundaries. Just write it all down. Let it be 10 things. Or 20 things. Write down all the things you love doing to pass time. Or things you do to relax. Or books you buy because you’re interested in a particular topic. This is the first step to figuring out your blogging niche.

2. Now weed out those passions that are not your strengths.

You may love collecting pots, but if you have no idea how to make one, blogging about pottery may be a little too far-fetched. Or if you love reading books but find it hard to write a novel, writing about writing doesn’t make too much sense.

In short, what you need to be both: passionate about this topic and really, really good at it.

3. Has anyone ever praised you for a particular trait, or action? Or has anyone ever asked you for help regarding your strengths?

Let’s rewind. Way back. College. School. Your first baby steps. Okay… too far. Think back. Did people ever praise you? “You play amazing guitar!” or “Omg, you drew that!?”

If figuring out your strengths is difficult, ask your friends and family what they feel you’re good at. Sometimes, it difficult for us to see our own strengths. Let your loved ones help you out!

4. What is the demand for your niche?

Do a google search and see the amount of search results each search shows you. Based on this, you can find out if your niche is too narrow (hardly anyone is searching for it) or if it’s normal (people love reading about it) or if it’s really saturated (the competition is nearly explosive ) and make a decision.

If your niche is too narrow, then it will not be wise to pursue that niche, because at the end of the day, you need people to find your Blog and stick to it. If nobody is searching for the topics you write about, your blog is never going to kick off.

If however your niche is normal, go for it!

If your niche is too saturated, your blog is going to be one among a million. This isn’t necessarily scary. Because if you know how to showcase your content and provide value in a way different from others, people are going to adore your Blog.

5. Can I make money from my niche?

Now that you’ve discovered what you’re good at and passionate about and seen if there is a demand for your niche, you need to find out if your niche is going to bring you some cha-ching cha-ching.

Look at all the blogs that are in your niche and see how they make money. Take ideas. Learn. Once your Blog gets a lot of views, you can monetize your Blog. You don’t have to rush. Take it easy. Blogging is all about reaching out to other hearts and connecting with people who have the same mindset like yours. Making money is important, but it shouldn’t be our first priority.

If you haven’t downloaded your worksheets, do get it here!

Moving onto you!

I hope these tips help you figure out your niche. I’d love to know what you choose. If you already have a niche, what was your story? Sharing your story might help someone narrow down their niche!







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  1. 1
    Bruce Schinkel

    I see this so often … blogs that seem to have no purpose or direction. Essentially they come across as vanity exercises for the author and nobody else really cares. This post give such great insight into moving from just having a blog to creating something valuable and exciting. Love it!

    • 2
      Angela Mary

      Hello Bruce!
      You’re right. I felt that giving a reason to narrow down our niches is much more crucial than the how. I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. From the time you started blogging, how long did it take you to find your niche?
      Warm regards,

      • 3
        Bruce Schinkel

        To be honest, I did a complete site and brand redesign after about 6 months. By then I figured out exactly who i wanted to talk to and what they wanted to hear from me. I always knew it’d be in the travel niche, but exactly what part of that niche needed a bit of work.

        • 4
          Angela Mary

          Hey Bruce,
          Sometimes, figuring out what you want to blog about and realizing your ideal audience – takes time. It’s amazing, because this is called the ‘experimental stage’ and it’s perfect for figuring out what you truly want. I started a blog because I wanted my very own personal project and it took me a solid year to decide on a niche. I’m super happy that you’ve found what’s working for you.
          Warm regards,

  2. 5

    Angela- Thank you for your insights. I just began my blog in September 2016. I have had many viewer and that makes me smile! Where I’m struggling is getting subscribers. I’m hoping over time this increases. I love writing and hope to inspire others! And of course my blog uses your adorable avatar I use to sign off!

    • 6
      Angela Mary

      Hello Stacey,
      September 2016? That’s hardly 6 months! Good going sister! Yes, it does take some time to earn subscribers. But trust me Stacey, the best way to collect email addresses is to offer content upgrades. Place them all over your website so people sign up. Make sure it’s related to your blogging niche. I’ve described it all in this extremely detailed post:
      Hope this helps and you’re going to do great!

  3. 7

    One of your paragraphs actually answered what one of my strengths was – because I remembered what people told me: “You’re good at art”.

    To be honest, I’ve always wanted something to do with creating art and designing pretty things, but… At the same time I like telling stories – whether it be fictional or experiences (like my mental health).

    People have also mentioned my blog is “adorable” and that’s likely because I actually used my artwork. Usually I don’t, because I don’t know how to digitize it, yet I tried something anyway!

    • 8
      Angela Mary

      Hello Stephy,
      I’m so glad that paragraph was able to help you. I actually ran with my blog without my artwork for a long time, but I wasn’t very happy. After I started digitizing my work, I was able to cater to my audience better and this makes me really happy because illustrating is my passion. Never stop telling stories or drawing. It’s what keeps us artists alive!
      Lots of love,
      P.S. I have an online course that teaches people how to digitize their drawings and create digital illustrations, would you like to know more?

      • 9

        Yes, I heard about that course from Kimi Kinsey. I don’t have any money to participate, though. I’m disabled so I’m waiting on being approved for a certain kind of income.

        And yeah, when I added my artwork to my blog, it suddenly felt more like a place I created – even if I can’t fully customize it. 😀

        • 10
          Angela Mary

          Hi Stephy,
          I’m really sorry, I didn’t know. I’m currently offering it for only $45. So let me know if you ever want to get in on it, I can help. ^_^
          Yes, showing your artwork to the world does create this special little feeling within. It’s amazing!
          Lots of love,

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