5 Tips For Staying Organized

I  know I haven’t published a post in what seems  like forever. But there is a perfectly good explanation for that. Tell me, what happens when the woman of the household is in bed with the flu and her husband and puppy are left to look after the house?

Total and utter chaos. Don’t get me wrong. My husband is a workaholic and always tries to help me with household chores. However, this week was a disaster. Bed-stricken, I only got to watch him do the dishes and spill water everywhere; much to my puppy’s delight who jumped in it merrily and trailed paw-prints all over the apartment. Trying to clean up after her, he ended up burning lunch and we had to air out the apartment. After 3 days of bed-rest, I was still miserable because my once beautifully kept home now looked like it had been hit by a cyclone.

As soon as I woke up, I dragged myself out of bed and started cleaning. I scrubbed the toilets, did the laundry, washed every surface and counter in the house and most importantly, scrubbed the little furry princess who was eager to have a soapy lathering and pampering in this dreadful heat we call summer. After three hours of continuous cleaning and tidying up, I collapsed on the bean bag and sighed.

The house was clean. That feeling of accomplishment began to course through my veins as creativity and I felt I should write a piece on how important it is to stay organized. Otherwise, I don’t feel like doing anything! Literally, anything. A tiny clutter can render me unproductive and hence useless. Likewise, it is very important to have a clean and tidy work-space in order to work on a new project. Here are 10 Tips that will help you stay organized at all times!

1. Wake up early.

I can’t stress this enough. As difficult and unfathomable as it may seem to some people (including me), waking up early on some days has been a life saver. I’ve managed to tidy up and clean the whole apartment. And just when I feel like the whole day has passed and there isn’t time to do anything else, I glimpse the watch to see it is only 7:30 am. SCORE! I am able to sit down for a hearty breakfast and a soothing cup of tea while I plan my whole day on my Daily Plan Printable.

2. Write down everything.

Well, not everything. Unless you love writing everything down. Then of course, its okay. I love writing down my to-do’s, my meal plans, and basically every idea that pops into my head. I even review books, movies and food in my notebook. I do not have a good memory, so I tend to forget the amazing ideas that pop into my head even when I’m taking my dog for a stroll. Which is why you will always find a notebook and a pen in my pocket (and of course eyeliner) wherever I am! If you’re a notebook lover and can’t resist that feeling of pen on paper, check out these beauties below!

Read the different things you can do with a blank notebook here!

3. Put everything back into its place.

I know you’re in a hurry when you’re running out to buy the eggs you forgot last night. But here’s an awesome tip. Put your hanger back onto the rack after you’ve pulled down your favorite shirt. If you’ve packed a lipstick in your purse for your girl’s night out, remember to keep it back on your dresser before you tuck your purse into a drawer. It will save you so much time searching and tidying up.

4. Discard the things you feel you don’t need.

Start with old clothes. If they are in good condition, give it to charity. If you know you’re never going to play the saxophone again (nudge nudge Daniel), give to a young lad who’s yearning for a saxophone to play in his Sunday School. Empty out your drawers. Recycle old newspapers and magazines. Throw away old bills. They are not memories, and you’re never going to make a scrapbook. Put it behind you and throw away those bills!

5. Plan ahead.

This goes without saying. Planning ahead can reduce a lot of stress and unnecessary surprises. Prioritize your tasks so your day is smooth and orderly. Have a dedicated time for family and hobbies. This will result in a non-rushed content and happy life.

How do you stay organized? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below. Have a fantastic weekend! And I’ll see you next week. Toodles.



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