30 Day Drawing Challenge + FREE Checklist!

Hello lovelies,

As much as I love talking about blogging, the very reason I started my Blog was to talk about art and creativity. A lot of people believe that drawing comes in “the genes.”

Sweetheart, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t.

It’s just practise, practise, practise.

Okay, I’m going to show you what I mean. Below, I have a little drawing challenge for you. You can use a notebook with lines, a plain notebook, colored paper… hell you can even use a napkin (those are my favorite by the way) and draw something every single day.

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Now the most common difficulty we artistes have about drawing is wondering what to draw. So, I’m going to solve that problem for you! Here is a checklist of 30 things you’re going to be drawing. Starting from today. Pick it up below, sugar.

Here goes. The key is to not be perfect, but to actually complete the challenge. We all start somewhere. Use a pen or a pencil or even a marker. Use a tool that is fun for you to work with. At the end of your 30 day drawing challenge, you’re going to notice a HUGE change. Your lines will have become much better, you’ll be a tad bit faster and translating your thoughts to paper will be easy-peasy. This works for beginners as well as novice artists.

Ready? Let’s go!

1st Day – Yourself.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. Don’t fret too much. Draw yourself. Now, you can either make it precise or sketch yourself as a cartoon character. When I draw me, I make sure I draw pink curly hair. I have curly hair, but it’s not pink – in fact it’s black, black as charcoal. But I love to have fun.

2nd Day – Your favorite mythical creature.

Okay, mine is a caticorn. You know? Half unicorn, half cat. I really have to make a cute illustration of one sometime.

3rd Day – A flower.

I don’t like flowers so much (because I’m allergic to pollen) but I love looking at them from far away. Even if it’s on a screen, or it’s just illustrated. Draw your favorite flower. You can take one step ahead and even draw a bouquet.

4th Day – Something you cannot live without.

Tea/coffee/tv/dog – draw whatever you cannot live without. Make it fancy. Try using colors today. Instead of just a pencil or a pen.

5th Day – Your phone.

I know that a lot of us can’t seem to live without our phones. Heck, mine contains pictures and videos of my dog. It’s basically priceless because she’s a superstar. Keep your phone in front of you and draw it exactly the way it is. Draw what’s on the screen as well.

6th Day – Your favorite food.

God, I don’t know why this didn’t make it to Day 1. FOOOOOOOD. Draw what you love. Pizza? Burger? Chicken curry? Go for it And only after you’re done, can you go get a bite to eat.

7th Day – A face.

This needn’t be someone in your family. It can be any person who’s features you admire. Maybe a celebrity? Or someone you see in the supermarket? Just draw a face.

8th Day – Your favorite fairy-tale.

Little red riding hood? The three pigs? Just draw that story you’ve learned to love as a child.

9th Day – Your city’s skyline.

I’m going to be quite frank when I tell you that I don’t like leaving my house. But I did this one day. I went for a really long walk. And I sat by the Gulf Waters and drew the skyline of Abu Dhabi using just a pen and a Baskin Robbins napkin. It took me well over 30 minutes but I enjoyed every bit of it. Just try it.

10th Day – A glass of water.

Drawing water can be a challenge, especially when you’re trying to sketch in the shadows and highlights. Keep a glass of water in front of you and get to work. You can use either a pencil or a pen. Both work wonders.

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11th Day – Your favorite animal.

If you’re drawing a horse, try and get that gleam on its coat. If you’re drawing your dog, you’re going to have a tough time getting her/him to sit still. (believe me, I tried) A photo works best.

12th Day – A comic.

Today, draw a comic. It can be a small strip or span an entire page. Think of a really funny incident that happened to you and illustrate it in a cute little comic strip. Did you know I draw comics? See them here!

13th Day – Scenery or landscape.

Yep, it’s time go outside again. Sit somewhere comfortable. Maybe a park bench? And draw the pretty scenery that’s right in front of you.

14th Day – A city you’ve always wanted to go to.

For me, that would be Egypt. The mummies are calling me and I really need to take some pictures. I just hope my dog doesn’t lose it and go nuts over all the bones she’s going to see. Draw a city you’ve always wanted to go to!

15th Day – A fruit.

I draw more fruits than I eat. Fact. Keep a fruit in front of you. Slice it open if you want a little more of a challenge and draw it as best as you can.

16th Day – Eyes.

I love (absolutely love) drawing eyes. Back when I used to make realistic portraits, I’d always start with the eyes. If we don’t get the eyes right, the portrait doesn’t look like the person we’re trying to draw. The eyes are everything. They are the windows to your soul.

17th Day – A stack of something.

Cups? Books? Plates? Cats? Just draw a stack of anything you love. This helps you learn how to draw things clubbed together.

18th Day – A ball of yarn.

I usually draw a cat accompanying said ball of yarn, but this is totally your call.

19th Day – Something shiny.

I remember using my mum’s jewelry as reference for this one. It was so much fun. Unfortunately, I ended up losing one of her favorite rings. That was not so much fun.

20th Day – A woman with long hair.

I love drawing hair. It can be quite a challenge sometimes, especially when you’re trying to get the highlights and isolate the little strands that stand out. But it’s fun all the same!

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21st Day – Your favorite super-hero.

DC Comics over Marvel for me. Personally, I love Killer Frost. She’s so super cool. (get it?)

22nd Day – Your favorite book character.

I love Harry Potter and always will. I love drawing characters from the Harry Potter series whenever I’m in a magical mood.

23rd Day – Family Portrait.

Draw your family. The bigger the better. You don’t have to draw their faces perfectly. You can draw stick figures or cartoons. Just draw it the way you like it.

24th Day – Under the sea.

Imagine you are a scuba diver. Now picture what you’ll see under the water. Fish, octopi, giant sharks, draw them all!

25th Day – A word.

Yep, you read right. A word. Draw any word. I like doodling my name.

26th Day – Something broken.

You can use your imagination for this one. Or tear a piece of paper into bits and draw it.

27th Day – A pair of shoes.

Draw your favorite pair of shoes or shoes that you fancy.

28th Day – Your dream home.

Have you ever pictured where you’re going to live? Or maybe you already have your dream house. Draw your home. Personally, I love drawing cottages because I’ve always wanted to live in one.

29th Day – Something retro.

This can be any retro thing you love. Like an old tape recorder or a classic car. Let your imagination run wild!

30th Day – Draw whatever you heart desires.

You’ve made it! You’ve finished 30 days. You can draw whatever you want today and also, give yourself a pat on the back!

If you haven’t picked up your checklist already, please do so right below.

Did you enjoy this drawing challenge? What is your absolute favorite thing to draw? I love drawing cats and dogs. I find myself doodling them even when I’m talking on the phone. Let me know in the comments below!


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