20 Time Management Hacks Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know

As Entrepreneurs, we are seriously pressed for time. Since there is no fixed pay at the end of the month, it is crucial that we finish every little task on time.

  • Do you ever feel a whole day has gone by and you haven’t even realized it?
  • Do you feel 24 hours in a day is just not enough?
  • Do you wish you could accomplish more in the time you had?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then this post is just for you! Read further to transform your business!

1. Get up early.

I know this is difficult for a lot of people. You must be thinking, ‘The reason why I became an Entrepreneur was to make my own schedule!’. That may be so but getting up early has a lot benefits. Those quiet early morning hours are perfect for clearing your mind, organizing your thoughts and finishing your morning rituals (i.e. tidying up/cooking/taking care of your family needs) before you sit down to work.

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2. Write down your tasks.

Keep a planner (this can be a notebook or a mobile app). I usually prefer a notebook, because I love the feeling of writing on paper. Make a “To do” list before you start your work. Having proper targets helps you focus better. You can have categories. They may be Work Related or Personal. You can even write down a motivational quote to get you through the day.

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3. Prioritize your tasks.

It is important to prioritize your tasks. We usually finish simple tasks before the cumbersome ones. By the time we move onto the heavy tasks, we may be exhausted and push them off to the next day. In order to avoid this, perform important tasks first.

4. Keep reminders of your daily goals.

If you need to be reminded of what to do, when; use a Reminder app. There are lots of apps you can use to organize your life better. Click here to view them. I use Planner Pro and I can’t imagine life without it.

5. Do not procrastinate.

Let’s face it. With trending social media apps, we tend to get carried away and forget our priorities. If a two minute break on Facebook becomes a one hour game on Candy Crush (of course I’m not talking about me), then it is time to make a change. Keep all your Social Media apps off your home screens. Think of the amount of time you will save!

6. Set deadlines.

I used to do this all the time in College and it actually helped. I’d give myself 1 hour to finish 1 chapter of my lesson. I’d view the number of pages, the difficulty and then calculate the time it would take me to process it all. After this, I’d set a deadline and go for it! Most of the time, I’d manage to finish it with a few minutes to spare. Similarly, setting deadlines will help you accomplish your goals faster!

7. Break up big tasks into little ones.

For egs, publishing a blog post is quite long and sometimes seems too difficult. So I break it up into little tasks.

  • Brainstorm and do research
  • Find a picture for your featured image or take a photo
  • Finish editing the featured image.
  • Write the post.
  • Check for grammar and spelling errors.
  • Punch in all the keywords.
  • Publish the post.
  • Share on social media.

And I cross off everything as soon as I finish it. This way, I manage to stay sane and my target goal is accomplished with a little break-up.

8. Avoid Multi-tasking.

Much as we think we can, we can’t. It affects the quality of our work.

Talking on the phone to your mom + Cooking + Working on your Blog Post = Angry mom (for delayed responses) + 1 burnt dish + half completed blog post.

Trust me, it doesn’t work. You will have low productivity, multi-tasking. Instead of flooding your brain with multiple tasks, take your time to finish one by one.

9. Use waiting-time to accomplish tasks.

If you’re stuck waiting for your husband to finish swimming, or waiting for someone to finish their phone call or waiting at a doctor’s office, do something useful! You can use this time to check your e-mails, or write down more tasks you need finished. You can organize your thoughts or read a book. Do something that will help you grow. Never sit idly unless you’re super tired.

10. Take a break.

Do not over-work yourself. I know this post is on time-management, but our brains begin to slow down after 45 minutes of concentrating on just ONE thing. Take a break. If you want, you could get up from your seat and do some stretches. Get up to drink a glass of water. Or just go play with your puppy who’s been nudging you with her ball for half an hour. This will not only refresh your mind, but will relax your body and help you focus better.

There are also times when we cannot find an answer. We rack our brains for it but with no solution. This is a sign. An important sign to get up and relax or do something different. Go clean the house. Or just go for a walk. It may just result in an epiphany.

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11. Know your limits.

If you are over-burdened with work and just can’t handle any more, don’t take up more tasks than you need to. Learn to say no, politely. Understand you are not Superman, (except you Superman, you can totally do this!) and take it easy. If you keep your daily goals in hand, you will know how much you can finish in a day. Before you agree to take up more work, make sure you are not too stressed and can take it on.

12. Have a clock or a watch in sight.

I personally hate watches. They remind me of schools so I do not own one. But my watch is kept in such an awesome position, that I can see it from my bedroom, kitchen and living room. Always be aware of what time it is. In time, you will have an idea what time it is without having to look at the time. See what I did there?

13. Try and club similar tasks together.

For egs: If you have to run out for a meeting, make sure you take your grocery list with you. Instead of wasting another trip (and fuel), you can just stop by a store on your way home and finish another mundane task!

14. Take short naps during the day.

This is again a short and quick way to recharge your body and mind before you take on the world and all it has planned. Remember, stress builds up slowly. And if you do not take enough breaks, you will break down eventually.

15. Time is money.

If you feel like wasting time, tell yourself this. Time is money. What you can accomplish today, do not put off for tomorrow. You will thank yourself in the long run.

16. Have a morning routine.

Make a stabilized routine in the morning. For egs:

  • 6:00 am: Self-care.
  • 6:15 am: Tidy up the house.
  • 6:30 am: Check and respond to e-mails.
  • 6:45 am: Write down all important tasks.
  • 7:00 am: Wake up husband and dog and make breakfast.

Stick to your morning routine even on weekends. You will become uber productive.

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17. Learn to intercept tasks.

For egs: Sometimes, you may have an urgent task to pursue after your current meeting. All the important discussions are over but people are making small talk and you are too polite to interrupt. Try and cut it short as politely as you can. Remember that you have other important things to do and if they aren’t finished, they will just end up getting postponed to the next day. Remind yourself that you need to be punctual in order to stick to our timetables and be successful.

18. Get around 8 hours of sleep a day.

A lot of us who are around our 20s think we can overwork ourselves to make a better income, at a fast rate. Although we assume that we can pull it off with no serious repercussions, we are wrong. It is not a good habit to pursue and we should avoid sacrificing sleep. Being over-stressed and tired all day will not help us accomplish goals any faster. Our ability to brainstorm and pull off last minute magic tricks will be lost to exhaustion. Remember, sleep recharges and refreshes you so try and get those hours of sleep your body is begging for.

19. Learn from your mistakes.

If you get hungry during the day and waste time standing in a queue just to buy a sandwich, then there are two ways you can fix this.

  • Get a sandwich from home the next day 
  • Go to the cafe at a time when it won’t be crowded.

Observe your surroundings and take notes of how you could spend your time better.

20. Do not be a perfectionist.

Lastly, allow yourself to learn from your mistakes. Nobody is perfect. And if you haven’t managed to finish your daily goals, you can try better tomorrow. Life is all about making mistakes and becoming wiser. Give yourself a chance to be the person you want to be.

Remember to try and follow as many of these tips as you possibly can. I guarantee that you will see the difference. You will find time to do the things you love.  You will find time to give your family and friends more love and affection and most importantly you will be able to make time for yourself. Do you have any more Time-Management hacks? I’d love to hear all about them! If these helped you, let me know in the comments below. Take care and have an amazing week ahead! Peace.



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  1. 1
    Dr. Diana Hardy

    Hello Angela,

    Wonderful post 🙂

    Every entrepreneurship should follow the above rules. Entrepreneur can only be a successful if he/she will work according to the points you have shared above. Thanks for sharing.

    ~Dr. Diana Hardy

  2. 3

    These are great tips! I pretty much do all of these too…time management is one of my fortes. I actually have a similar post drafted right now to post this month. 🙂

  3. 5

    I LOVE this post! I’ve found that taking naps during the day (even if they’re 20 minutes) really helps and makes me feel rejuvenated. I think the most important thing on this list that has effected me has been the multitasking… I used to do so many things at once (edit photos, check emails, scroll through IG) but once I stopped I was able to get more quality work done. Thanks for posting this!

    • 6
      Angela Mary

      Hello Stephanie,
      Yes, you’re absolutely right. Someone once told me to give up my afternoon naps, saying that it would help me get better sleep at night but I found it awful! I would become slow and lethargic by evening and would have to down at least 2 cups of tea just to stop myself from collapsing! Naps are very important! And I used to multi-task too! I’m so glad I gave it up. Thank you for the lovely comment. 🙂
      Lots of love,

  4. 7

    This is a wonderful blog post, and i really enjoyed it. It been kind of hard waking up early for me, but i’m still in the process of learning. And i wish i could. Thanks anyway for this post. Its actually a wake up call for me. More grease to your elbow!

    • 8
      Angela Mary

      Hello Karenlly,
      Thank you so much for the lovely comment. Yes, waking up early is hard. But after you get into the habit of rising early, there couldn’t be a better lifestyle choice. Glad you enjoyed it.
      Lots of love,

  5. 9

    I think you have met me somewhere before because I fit into ALL the “don’t do” categories above. I will definitely take heed of your list … 🙂

    • 10
      Angela Mary

      Hello Linda,
      Gosh! We’ve all been there. It takes a lot of effort to work in the new habits, but trust me, it’s totally worth it! Glad you enjoyed this post! Thank you for your lovely comment.
      Lots of love,

  6. 15

    Hello Angela ,

    This is great ,!! I love your way of explain the tips , your web design and I love to read your other tips .. Thanks !

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