12 Chic Ways To Pep Up Your Home Office

Now that you have decided to work from home, you need a designated work space. If you already have one and are looking for ways to make it jump to life so you can’t wait to sit down to work, look no further! This list encompasses 12 Chic ways to Pep Up Your Home Office. Buckle down and go crazy on decor, starting NOW!

1. Get a really comfortable (and mighty cute) chair.

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A Queen is nothing without her throne. If you are sitting at your desk all morning, you will need to make sure that you are extremely comfy so you don’t get a back ache. Spruce up your workplace with a pretty chair that cradles your back (and bum) snugly so you can type away to glory without taking too many stretch breaks.


2. Keep your desk organized with these colorful accessories.

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Nothing beats writing in an colorful notebook with lots of post-its and lovely pens. Being a stationery addict (not related to my dad being in the stationery business), my drawers are filled with washi tapes and post it notes of almost every color in the rainbow.

Check out these lovelies!


3. Rest your feet on a delightful soft faux fur rug:

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Needless to say that your feet will appreciate the contrast of the warm rug against the cold floor. Click below to get yours!

4. Breathe the light fragrance of freshly picked flowers by keeping a vase of colorful fauna near your workplace.

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This not only refreshes you, but also adds a feminine touch to your home office.


5. Hang some eye-catchy art to stimulate your senses and keep you working.

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Contrast your art with your office so that it’s not only eye-catching but inspires you to work better. You can even frame inspirational quotes and phrases.

6. Drink your favorite hot beverage from a cup that you love.

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I personally love collecting cups and bowls. I have a variety of cups and mugs for different occasions and moods. Trust me, once you start collecting, you can’t stop.


7. Pep up your desk with colorful and contrasting pieces.

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Decorating means unleashing your imagination to make your work space your own unique fortress.


8. Prep up your office with a neat calendar.

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Not only does it remind you of the date, but it also helps you keep track of reminders. If you like bunnies, give this one a try.

For more pretty Free Calendars, give these a shot!


9. Get a mouse pad matching your computer/laptop color.

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You could even complement it with your Desktop Wallpaper. Try these Pink Mouse Pads if you’re into (of course I am) pink.



10. Rest on a plush beanie.

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This is for friends and family who want to sit with you and have a chat over some tea. When you want to take a break (from working, not facebook), you can crash in it too.


11. Fight the papers disarray by keeping a pretty paper organizer on your table.

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Documents that are too important to keep in your drawers, can be filed neatly in your organizer. You can even get a paper tray and an organizer for your phone, pencils and paper clips! All right here. Just click below to view these fabulous organizing Goddesses.


12. Claim your work space by keeping a cute monogram of your name.

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You can even get a wooden one and paint it whatever your little heart desires.


And that brings us to the conclusion of how you can pep up your home office. If you would love to buy some more items to spruce up your desk, check out these cute websites to get some right away!

If you have more ideas, do share them in the comments below. Links to photos of your home office would be fabulous too! 😀 Have a lovely day peeps! Don’t forget, the key to a good working environment is (coffee, coffee & more coffee?) decor!




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