SPECIAL: 10 Ways To Use Illustrations To Enhance Your Business

Today, I’m going to talk about Illustrations and it’s importance in the Business World. Today, we are all competing to make our Businesses stand out and make it the best there is. So, what makes a Business stand out?

The answer is simple. Its Brand.

Think about all the famous Businesses you know. What first pops to mind?

The Logo? The ADs? The Design? The overall look and feel of the Company’s website? In short, its Brand.

A Brand goes way beyond a Logo or a Website. A Brand helps people identify with the company and builds an emotional connection with people.

These days, it is very difficult to actually make your Brand stand out among all the others. People are finding new ways to do this. Creative Teams are hired to come up with genius ideas to market the Company in new and exciting ways!

So, what is the one tried and tested (but constantly successful) way to add a little zest to your Brand? Illustrations.

The right Illustrations can tell your Brand Story, boost your products and most importantly – make your Business stand out!

I started my Blog 1 year ago, but launched my Business (with a BANG) only 2 months ago. And I credit most of my success to my Illustrations. To launch your Business with flying colors, read these 10 ways you can use Illustrations to enhance your Business!

1. Illustrated Logo.

Crafting an illustrated avatar, animal or object to use as a Logo for your Business is a unique way to build a Brand. This becomes the face of your Business and basically incorporates a little bit of you in it.

These are some of the Logos I’ve created for my clients in my first month of my Business.
Logos For Clients

Each Logo is uniquely designed to tailor to a Business and make it stand out from the rest. I use Adobe Illustrator to create all my Illustrations and it is one of the best software to create Vector Images.

2. Illustrations instead of Photos.

A lot of people aren’t very comfortable posing for Photos (me included). It’s not like we want to hide from our audience. Photos are honest and direct and help our audience connect with us. But illustrations are dreamy and creative and help our audience see our wild, wild world. One of my clients (and now best bud) loves telling stories.

Her Brand is all about weaving fantasies and fables into her products to make them more desirable to Women who want an escape from reality. Photos can only take you so far.

Illustrations can add wings to your images. (or a cape)

Take a look at some of the Illustrations I’ve created for her.

Illustrations for my Client

By interlacing these illustrations in her website, she’s adding FUN and COLOR to her Blog and Website.

3. Infographics.

From my 6 months of using Pinterest, I’ve learned that Infographics do exceedingly well! It’s a beautiful way to display information. And most Infographics have illustrations. Infographics makes absorbing data super easy with the use of simple and neat illustrations. Below, is one of my favorite Infographic for Ice Cream!

Ice Cream Infographic

Image Source: www.icecream.com

4. Fancy Buttons and Icons.

Adding custom buttons and icons in your website are a great way to customize and personalize your Business to help it stand out from the rest. You can use custom Social Media Icons that are colored to suit your Brand’s colors.
Custom Social Media Icons

Or cute little Illustrated Icons to highlight your services around the website. These can be inserted practically anywhere on your website just to pep it up.
Illustrated Icons

5. Blog Graphics.

Aside from using Photos and Stock Images, Illustrations can also be imparted into Blog Post Images. For example, a client of mine wanted her Blog to look colorful (and like no other) in order to stand out on Pinterest so I created a few Blog Templates for her. This is one of them:

Most of my traffic comes from Pinterest. And in order to truly stand out, your images need to be First Class, babay.

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6. Illustrated ADs.

A lot of Businesses use Illustrations in their ADs and marketing materials. They are extremely effective because they are eye-catching and a little very different from the regular Photos and Pictures. If you notice my sidebar, you’ll see that I have an Illustrated AD. And yes, it has done wonders to my Business.

7. Business Cards.

The key to making a mark is to establish your Brand by leaving unforgettable mementos in people’s hands – a.k.a. Business Cards. A lot of you might be thinking, ‘Aren’t Business Cards a little old school?’ Well, yes. But they are extremely effective for marketing your Business, because it is the first impression of your Brand. It is personal and by having an actual conversation with a person, you are going to make a powerful connection!

Invest in a high quality design and get yourself an extra-ordinary Business Card design that does not blend in with the rest. A couple of years ago, when I was working under my husband (as part of my training to be a Designer), I had to create a Business Card for our Company. It was one of the three tasks I was assigned in order to pass my test. This is it below.

It was absolutely astounding to see the number of clients grow, with just this little addition to our Business.

8. Social Media Banners.

Yes, you can use Stock Photos with an overlay of text. It looks sleek and professional. But due to Facebook optimizing schemes, the more objects you have in your image, the more pixelated your banner will appear. Let’s face it – it’s not pretty. By incorporating a couple of neat illustrations, you have a better chance of reaching more people.

Remember, it’s all about standing out in an over-saturated industry!

After months of making close to 0 sales in my Etsy Shop, I decided to re-brand it. I redid my Logo and Banner and what a difference it has made! I made close to 10 sales in my first month and I only had 10 products in my shop.

9. Book Cover

If you have a business, at some point in your lifetime you will get the urge to write a book. People who love you, and adore you will be dying to read your words, your story, your tips. And although, you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, we all (me included) do it. So don’t spend months writing a good book, and penny-pinch on the cover.

One of my Blogging Besties, recently wrote a Book – Create With Confidence and after a little sneak peek, I loved it! She hired a Designer to create an Illustrated Book Cover and here it is!

10. Thank You Notes & Coupons.

As a Business that’s budding, there will come a time when you may offer Coupons or Thank You Cards (be it digital or physical) and a little illustration never hurt anyone. I use one of my Illustrations in my Thank You note when someone purchases a custom Illustration from my shop.

All in all, there are many ways you can use Illustrations to liven-up your Business. If you’re curious to know what kind of illustrated services are out there, check out my Services page. I hope you enjoyed this post and the examples. If you’d like a little Illustration, do send me an inquiry here and I’d be more than happy to make one for you!And since you stuck around till the end of this really (really, really) long post, here is a little Illustrated Printable for you (in case you’ve missed it before)!














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