10 Ways To Love Yourself & Live A More Fulfilling Life

Why is it important to love yourself?

There are a lot of times when we can lose interest focus in what we are doing life and almost suddenly, the easiest thing to do is to give up. The greatest challenge in life is to accept ourselves for who we are and learn to embrace all our perks and flaws. The greatest challenge in life is to learn to embrace all our perks and flaws. Click To Tweet This means that we have to love ourselves even if the world goes against us. Why? So that we are constantly encouraged and inspired to pursue our dreams.

Instead of spending countless hours in a day trying to make others fall in love with us, we can start practicing self-care and being honest with who we really are. This will enable us to find love in the world and never find a reason to give up doing something we love. Here are 10 ways to love yourself and live a more fulfilling life:

1. Change your perspective .

In order to look within yourself, you need to change the way you see everything around you. For years and years, I’ve seen the world through criticizing eyes. I loved finding fault in others. I loved using my intuition to read people’s flaws through their body language. After a while, it dawned on me.

I realized that my negative thoughts about others affected the way I saw myself. I would criticize my work. I would give up too quickly. I would hate myself for my flaws.  I decided it was time to change. Now, I try to be patient with others, give people a chance. And in doing so, I’m doing the same with myself. By changing how you see the world, you change the way you see yourself.  Remember, the change comes from within.

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2. Accept yourself for who really are.

Looking within you and discovering yourself for who you really are is the most important step to loving yourself. Once you’re ready to take this leap to introspect yourself, you change as a person. Evaluate your strengths and your weaknesses. Evaluate your relationships.

Ask yourself what is really important to you. Based on your interests, you will be able to sketch out your personality. This self-discovery process might take time. But it’s okay. Take all the time you need. Go on a holiday if you must. Spend some time alone. Once you’ve discovered yourself, you need to come to terms with it.

3. Do things that make you feel better.

In order to become happy, you must be positive. By believing in yourself , you will live the life you want to live. Start your mornings with a happy morning routine. If you enjoy reading, have a light read. Drink a hot beverage. Keep yourself moving. My husband started subscribed for the daily paper and I derive complete pleasure by solving the sudoko puzzle on page 2.

Engage yourself in activities that make you happy, that you’re interested in. Take walks. Exercise. Whatever you do, put your mind, heart and soul into it. It’s the little things that count.

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4. Keep a Notebook.

I know I say this a lot, but I mean it. As long as I can remember, I have carried a notebook with me and it has helped me grow. I write a lot of things in it. It’s true that I buy more notebooks that I use. It’s a weakness and I can’t help it. *shrugs with a sheepish smile*

Buy a comfortable notebook and pen. Writing can be very therapeutic. You will discover how your mind really works when you write. It also provides a really good perspective on your life. Dedicate a few minutes everyday to write a little something in your notebook. If you’re uncomfortable writing about your feelings, there are loads of other things you can write.

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5. Grow a little self-confidence.

When we are honest with ourselves, we grow as people. Learn to identify your strengths and build on them. By doing this, you will go very far in life. Have a little confidence in who you really are. Try to make the world a better place by acting on your strengths.

When you are aware of your capabilities, you will be able to identify opportunities that are within your reach. And this is when your confidence comes in handy. You will be confident enough to grab it and make full use of this chance to better yourself.

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6. Focus on your path to becoming better, not others.

Every time, you find something wrong with the world and want to change it; don’t. Remember, the change begins with yourself. Try focusing your attention on your path, your story. Stop comparing yourself to others.

I read a powerful quote once, “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.”Jon Acuff

7. Be grateful for what you have.

Yes, life is unfair sometimes. A lot of other people get what they want without having to work for it. But life has a special plan for you. It is what you make with what you have that determines who you are. It is what you make with what you have that determines who you are. Click To Tweet Be grateful for the little things you have. It might be an extra-ordinary ability that you find pretty mundane. Tap into your strengths to carve out a life you want to live.

8. Be a people-person.

It is very easy to get wrapped up in your problems to such an extent that you want to be secluded from everyone and everything. Do. Not. Do. That. Human beings were meant to be social. Call your friends and family once in a while. Even if you’re absorbed in your work, spare a little time to socialize. Try and communicate with people, even if it is online. Be part of a community.

Hang out with people who are positive and fun. Break away from those with a negative attitude or who constantly put you down. In order to grow, you need to be with people who encourage and challenge you to outdo yourself.

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9. Be patient with yourself.

Sometimes you might exceed your expectations. Sometimes you won’t. It is okay to be a little disappointed. But it shouldn’t bring you down. Learn to get over the bad, and move on to the new. If at once you don’t achieve something, don’t give up. Be patient and try again. By increasing your patience with yourself, you learn to deal with a lot of negative situations that come your way. This teaches you to rely on yourself and become independent.

10. A little love goes a long way.

Now that you’ve learned how you can love yourself, open up your heart to love others. Reach out to other people with kindness and patience. Try and not get upset if someone is rude to you or rejects you. Don’t take it personally. Maybe they were having a rough day. Maybe they are not content with life. Constantly train your mind to see the positive side of situations and you will eventually become a happier person.

Love has got a healing quality that only a few can explain. Only until we respect ourselves, can others do the same. Only until we respect ourselves, can others do the same. Click To Tweet This enables us to reach out to those who want nothing but what’s best for us. Together we can grow as a community, through love and kindness. I hope this article helped you understand how you can love yourself. If you have any more tips, do share in the comments below. If you found anything useful in this post that you think others will find beneficial, do share it with them. Have a lovely day, you. Don’t be afraid to send a message to me@maryangela.in if you have any more suggestions of posts that I should write or just want to say a quick hello.





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