10 Simple Ways To Become Successful

I bet if I ask each one of you what ‘success’ is, I will get a different answer each time. Some might say, becoming rich is the ultimate goal. Some want nothing more than to start a family. Some want to stand on their own two feet. There is no definitive answer. But in the end, it’s all about attaining success that has us reaching for the stars, doing countless things in hopes of attaining a specific goal. So, how do you become successful? These pointers are extremely simple, but require some amount of diligence to follow through. Are you ready? Here goes!

1. Have goals. Track them.

The first step to becoming successful is to keep little goals. My one goal is to eventually start a shop with pretty paper products and stationery I can sell for a living. So Goal Number 1 for me would be : Design products that people fall in love with and can’t resist picking up.

Every time you finish a mini-goal, write it down! Writing down your achievement will fuel you to work hard to complete your target goal at theā€¦ Click To TweetRemember, all the motivation you really need comes from within. Track your goals. Keep a journal. This will help you record all your progress and give you an idea of where you stand.

2. Learn to let go of negative people and things.

Learn to say no. It’s easier said than done, yes. But it’s absolutely crucial that in order to grow and become a bigger and better person, you have to trim all the loose ends. Which means letting go of people who are constantly bringing you down and complaining. Say no to people who constantly ask you for favors but are reluctant to help you out when you need them the most. By saying yes, you are dragging yourself down. Remember, negative people are like Dementors. They suck all the happiness out of you. Until you are left with self-doubt and tears.

3. Discover your talents and gifts. Pursue them.

For some people, it takes a lifetime to discover their talents. But I’ve seen a lot of this world to know that everybody (even dogs and cats) possesses a unique talent/gift that can contribute so much to this huge, huge world. Our only purpose in life is to figure out how we can use this gift we are given to make the world a brighter and better place.

4. Love yourself.

If you cannot love yourself, how do you expect other people to do the same? Look into the mirror and accept what you see. Learn to love yourself for your flaws no matter how annoying they may be.

Being a person with acne, you can’t imagine the number of times I’ve had to deal with crude comments about my face. Every comment, every hint, every subtle remark has broken my confidence bit by bit. But with the help of loving family, friends (and cuddly white dog) I was able to recover and tape back the pieces together to face the world again.

It’s awfully difficult to face the world with physical flaws that we are secretly ashamed of. But we must realize that nobody is perfect. Everybody struggles with some insecurity. Overcoming this insecurity and stepping out into the world to concentrate on what we need to achieve is much more important! Remember, life is short. Instead of covering up your flaws, embrace them!

5. Join a team.

It may be easier to work alone for what you want, but it is faster to work in a team. Accomplishing certain goals will require some effort and skills you may not possess to make happen. In this situation, always feel free to ask for help. Asking for help doesn’t make you weak. It makes you logical. And a tad bit brilliant.

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6. Do not give up.

Bad things happen. Period. We cannot always get what we want. And when these bad things happen, you can temporarily be knocked off your horse of self-confidence. This doesn’t mean that you should cry about it and forget your dreams and goals. No. This is a test. A test to see how much you really want it. See it as an opportunity to prove your desire to attain your dream. Get back onto the horse. And ride like the wind!

7. Complaining is futile.

Complaining doesn’t provide you with a solution. The minute you complain about something, your mind has chosen that it is someone else’s problem. So, instead of grumbling about it, do something to fix it. Find a way to solve every problem. There is always a solution. It just requires some perspective to find it.

8. You cannot win over everyone.

Understand that in order for you to grow, there will be really big decisions to make. This means that some decisions will displease a whole bunch of people that will hate you for it. If you feel that you’ve done the right thing, give yourself a pat on the back and forget the haters. Do not modify your behavior or character to please people who are unlike you. Be true to yourself and your heart. Stand up for what you believe in. This takes courage. Courage to follow your own heart, and not anyone else’s.

9. Focus on one thing at a time.

You can only please one master at a time. Doing several things at once, will not only burn you out but you will lack results. Always focus on one itsy bitsy goal at a time. Doing one hundred things at once and hoping for one to pan out is definitely not the answer!

10. Love and be loved.

In all this hustle-bustle of finding your one true cause, you can sometimes forget what’s really important. Your loved ones. Open your heart and love your friends and family with all your heart. Help those around you. If you learn to grow with the people you love by supporting them and in turn asking for help when you need a little push, there is nothing like it.

Follow these little tips and you will see a huge change in your life! I promise you. If you loved this article you may like, 5 Ways To Start Being Happy now!

If you have any points you would like to add to this list, I’d love to read them! Be sure to subscribe for more lists and printables! I will see you next week. Time for me to tuck my puppyloo into bed. She’s such an angel.

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