10 Reasons Why You Should Keep A Diary

I’ve received a few emails asking me if I keep a diary. The answer is yes. I (just like most normal young women) love to share my feelings and events of the day to a book. That’s the next best option when you want to disclose your feelings but don’t want to do it with another human being.

But to be dreadfully honest, the main reason I keep a diary is because my memory isn’t too good and I want to be able to remember all the blessed things that happened to me throughout the years.

Here are ten reasons why you should keep a diary.

1. Your diary is never going to judge you.

I know the feeling of being afraid to tell someone what I am feeling, worried that they may interrupt me or judge me. This doesn’t happen when you write in your diary. Your diary is like your best friend. It’s never going to mock you, belittle your feelings or interrupt you. It is yours 24/7.

Revealing your feelings in a diary feels like a huge burden has been lifted off your chest. It makes you feel lighter and you end up feeling relieved.

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2. A trip down memory lane.

Have you experienced a feeling that you never want to forget for as long as you live? This is where Mr Diary comes in. When you record your feelings as soon as you’ve felt them, you get to keep a part of it alive, forever. You will never forget how you felt that day when you won that award you never expected, or that feeling when you finally managed to potty-train your dog.

Record your feelings, trust me. You’ll never regret it.

3. It’s the cheapest form of therapy.

There are problems that you may want to solve but again, you will not want to tell someone because these are your problems and you’re not comfortable sharing. Writing in a diary can actually help you do this. It’s more like a vent to get everything out there.

4. It lets you explore your creative side.

Aside from just writing about your day, you could also draw in it, write down notes, keep clippings and anything else you can think of. This not only helps you come up with ideas constantly, but also helps you remember everything you need to do.

There are tons of raw ideas that I sometimes like to process before I act upon it. And a diary is just the thing I need to get from point A to point B.

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5. It helps you make better decisions.

Writing not only helps you become more patient but also re-validate your thought process. There are many times when we get angry and this causes us to take rash decisions. The best thing we can do is write down what we’re feeling and what we want to do about it. After a while, read through this and maybe just maybe your decisions might change.


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6. It helps you learn about yourself.

When I go through old diaries, I sometimes frown and wonder if it was actually me that wrote this. I feel like I’ve panicked for small things and it’s taken me time to realize that this is something that I need to change.

There are a lot of things you can learn about yourself and the best way to do this is to write it all down.

7. It helps you keep track of your goals.

There are a lot of things we want to accomplish by a certain period of time. I tend to write down my goals so I can reflect on it whenever I feel my dedication is dying down. I read about why I started what I started and why I want it so bad. This motivates me more than ever to keep persevering towards my goal.

Writing in a diary is amazing.

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8. You understand your mistakes.

When a situation just happens, you feel you’ve done the right thing and record it in a diary. Weeks or months later, when you go through it, you may feel you could have handled the situation a little better. Writing in a diary helps you improve your character because you’re reading it with a fresh pair of eyes. Your perception has evolved and you’re able to identify what you did wrong.

9. Another reason to go offline.

Today, almost everyone is addicted to technology. We can’t stay away from our phones or laptops because life is moving at a phenomenal speed and we’re trying to catch up with it all. Writing in a diary actually helps you breathe. It helps you re-examine your life and slow down.

Not to mention, you get practice your handwriting. Instead of scrolling through 9Gag or Facebook posts, take a few minutes to write down how your day went, or what you did. It’s worth it.

10. You’ve just created a masterpiece.

It’s funny how some people feel that creativity is something we’re born with. No, it isn’t. It’s just something we need to harness from within. When you finish a notebook, you realize that you’ve created something. Something out of thin air. Your notebook/diary is your own personal creation. This is what makes it special. A little piece of you recorded forever and ever.

Why do you like keeping a diary? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to know.








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